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I say that I’ve always been a Gin girl, but perhaps that isn’t fully true. Never really was a big drinker, but I always had my default drink. A chilled extra dirty martini with olives please! Little did I know that my favorite beverage could get better, until I met my match; a dirty GIN martini!!!! Although I got over the strange look that bartender gave me when I interrogated him about what he did different to make the most delicious martini I had ever had. (Thus far at least) He looked down at me with a puzzled look and said, “Vermouth, olive juice and Gin” My world had been thoroughly rocked. I was officially a Gin Girl.



But it wasn’t until I met the beautiful blue Knickerbocker bottle that I realized that my love of Gin went much further. Overall less dry than most London Dry Gins, Knickerbocker has a well balanced array of botanicals that satisfy your cravings and keep you wanting more. Citrus without overwhelming, bright juniper and light floral nose all come together in what I find to be quite a knock out product from Michigan’s New Holland Brewing. This Gin, Knickerbocker, was and always will be my “Gateway Gin!” My love of Gin and the expansion into The Gin Room can all be linked back to one little bottle of Knickerbocker….

Knickerbocker Logo

New Holland Brewing Barrel Aged Knickerbocker Gin Launch Party

Tuesday August 5th 6:30 to 8:30


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Barreled Rebellion : Barrel Aged Knickerbocker with Clock Work Orange!

Clockwork Orange Barrel Aged Knickerbocker

The Stash

New Holland Booze

 Distillers Take Over Events! Only @ The Gin Room!

Distillers Take Over rev 2