Our first blog post in 2013 and we have lots of fresh new changes to boast!

Many of you have noticed our new facade changes in the last month, just the beginning of the many interior and exterior changes we will be implementing for our 30th Anniversary celebration 2013! Cafe Natasha’s was established in 1983 as a small mom-and-pop cafeteria called “The Little Kitchen” located in downtown St. Louis in the Paula Brown Building. 30 years and 3 restaurants later, Cafe Natasha is re-igniting the flames to bring you are biggest, tastiest year yet!

We are most excited to present our new awnings! These sleek black awning bear our stamp and our new color palate that will be complimenting our coming interior renovations, marking a new, more modern Cafe Natasha’s.


The talented Autumn Wiggins and her husband designed and built our new wooden signs posted above the awnings in our new colors. Autumn is the owner of Upcycle Exchange a fellow Grand South Grand business is locate next door to Cafe Natasha and specializes in post-consumer art and craft supplies at pay-as-you-wish pricing. Make sure you stop by Upcycle Exchange on your next visit!

New Sign

More esthetic changes to come in our 30th Anniversary year but one thing we promise will not change.
“We Will Not Offer Anything, Unless it is Wonderful!”

Happy New Year!