This year’s falafel eating competition has come and gone crowning a new champion and a new record. Props go to our neighbor Jared at TRX Tattoos & Piercing for becoming the 2012 Falafel eating champion after beating last years record by consuming 22 Falafels in 6 mins! Last year’s winner, who devoured over a dozen falafels for the original title, returned and tied for second place!

With live Persian music flowing and our favorite wine reps freely pouring wine through out the night, the Festival was a big hit. Overall guests devoured patrons of South Grand devoured 36 LBS of falafel 40 LBS of Hummus and 20 LBS of Eggplant at the Hummus Bar Fest.

How much goes into the preparation of the hummus bar you ask? Mounds and mounds of chickpeas ground, pureed and sauteed into hummus, falafel and our smoked pomegranate eggplant. Who knew the oddly shaped garbanzo bean could be so versatile. Cafe Natasha only began serving falafel and hummus at the South Grand location originally named Kabob International to allow for influences from other ethic cuisine.

With all your favorite Gluten-Free, Vegan and Vegetarian items available for $10 all-you-can -eat each and every Tuesday no need to wait for the next festival!