Summer 2009 was a magnificent milestone for Café Natasha; your humble neighborhood Persian restaurant became a movie star!

A small independent production company “Corner Film Productions,” began filming a movie on site in our very own city of Saint Louis. Writer Alan Lamberg stumbled upon the restaurant and decided it would be a perfect location to shoot his scene.

Alan Lamberg discusses the movie early 2009

Both Café Natasha and owner Behshid Bahrami were filmed on the movie “Casualties of the State,” a procedural drama in which the FBI and NSA are investigating the deaths of officials who turn out to be part of a cabal to incite and profit from a war between U.S.A. and Iran.

See Casualties of the State Trailer

Behshid was chosen to reminisce his childhood in Iran during a scene in the film, a tangent that gave a humanly perspective to the film.

Join us at the Tivoli Theater Sunday July 8th at the 2012 Whitaker St. Louis Filmmaker Showcase, for special screening of “Casualties of the State,” by Corner Film Productions, a local and independent St. Louis media production company.